CRG Healthcare Update, June 12, 2014

Managed Care Headlines

Aetna CEO Says 2015 Obamacare Rates to Rise Less Than 20 Pct

Centene Dodges Bullets In Changing Medicaid Landscape

Health Insurers Push for Change to ObamaCare

Health Law Helped Minnesota Uninsured Rate Drop 41 Percent

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and Blue Care Network Intend to Double Health Plan Product Offerings for the 2015 Individual Market

What’s Health Insurance Really Going to Cost?


Consumer-Directed Headlines

What To Do If Your Healthcare Records Are Compromised


Employer Headlines

Some Small-Business Employees to Have Only One Health-Plan Choice


Policy & Regulatory Headlines

Senate Health Plan for Veterans Costs May Top $35 Billion

Health Care Remains Drag for Democrats as 53% Oppose Law

Morning Plum: Republicans Still not Winning Argument Over Obamacare


Medicaid & Medicare Headlines

Federal Bungling Of ObamaCare Verification Creating Nationwide Chaos In Medicaid Departments

Virginia Governor May Try to Expand Medicaid on His Own

Medicare Costs Well Under Control So Far in 2014

Mercy Health Blames Lack Of Medicaid Expansion In Plan To Lay Off Hundreds


Pharmaceutical Headlines

Valeant Pharma’s Arguments About Drug Research Are Misleading And Wrong


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